Understanding CBD Labels: Your Simple Guide to Smart Purchases

Understanding CBD Labels: Your Simple Guide to Smart Purchases

The Healing Consultant Understanding CBD Labels Your Simple Guide to Smart Purchases

CBD has gained widespread popularity with new stores popping both online and in-person stores. There are CBD-infused food, CBD-infused lotions, CBD gummies…the options are becoming endless. However, not all CBD products are cut from the same cloth and if you don’t know what to look out for, you may end up with a product that has mind-altering effects that may take you by surprise. Here’s a hint… it’s called THC!

To help you understand how to read CBD labels, and empower you to choose what to put into your body with confidence, we’ve put together this short guide to help you choose smart. 

THC is scientifically known as tetrahydrocannabinol which is the element in cannabis responsible for the psychoactive sensation. This is often described as the ‘high’ that CBD is wrongly known for. CBD does not get you high unless the THC level is higher than necessary. Let us explain! 

CBD is praised for its therapeutic properties without the associated euphoria, but the presence of THC can actually alter this equation. Federal guidelines mandate that CBD products should contain less than 0.3% THC to be legally accepted. Yet, these rules aren’t uniformly enforced, emphasizing the importance of consumer awareness. 

While there are federal regulations outlining the permissible THC content in CBD products, not every company adheres strictly to these guidelines. Additionally, due to the lack of stringent enforcement, it’s crucial for consumers to be vigilant. Remember, CBD products exceeding the 0.3% limit may be considered illegal at the federal level. Higher THC levels can cause side effects like anxiety, paranoia, impaired memory and coordination, and may be even more pronounced for individuals who are sensitive to THC. 

Checking the THC percentage is not merely a formality but your responsibility to safeguard against inadvertently consuming a product that might lead to unwanted psychoactive effects.

On top of that, a lack of regulatory obligation means that companies aren’t mandated to disclose THC levels. This in itself presents a challenge for consumers who might be in the dark about the content of the products they purchase. Some retailers might not even possess accurate information. Therefore, it falls on your shoulders to be discerning, read labels meticulously, and ensure that the THC percentage aligns with your expectations.

To avoid any potential surprises, consumers must be proactive in understanding the products they buy. Don’t take a product at face value merely because it boasts a “CBD” label. Instead, empower yourself with knowledge. Knowing and checking the THC percentage is a pivotal step to empowering yourself with CBD products. 

At The Healing Consultant, your well-being is our priority. That’s why we go the extra mile by providing a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with all our products. This document serves as your guarantee that our ingredients undergo rigorous third-party lab testing. With our CoA, you can trust that what’s stated on the label accurately reflects the contents of the product, providing certainty and peace of mind.

Remember, too much THC in a CBD product can lead to unexpected outcomes. By choosing products with a CoA, you’re ensuring that they’ve undergone thorough testing, promising the benefits of CBD without any unwelcome surprises. This commitment to transparency and quality assurance is our way of prioritizing your well-being.

All of our CBD products come with a scannable QR code that takes you directly to our CoA. We want you to make informed choices, know precisely what you’re introducing to your body, and experience the benefits of CBD without any unpleasant surprises. Your well-being matters to us.

Begin your CBD journey with The Healing Consultant’s 10-Day Trial Box and experience a world where CBD is your ally in confidence.

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