Starting Your Day Right: Music, Meditation, and a little CBD

Starting Your Day Right: Music, Meditation, and a little CBD

Starting Your Day Right Music, Meditation, and a little CBD

In another Healing Wednesday session, Varnar Spencer, the visionary founder of The Healing Consultant, has a candid conversation with Miss Kim, host of TDS Radio. In this conversation, Kim shared her experience with our 10-Day Trial Box and how some of our CBD products helped her change her morning routine.

Morning Magic with Miss Kim

As a radio host, you’d think that music was naturally a part of Kim’s life. But not when physical pain becomes the first thing you feel after waking up. After trialing out our CBD products, Kim revealed that mornings are now a symphony of tranquility, and the aches in her muscles are further and further away from her usual thoughts. She’s able to enjoy her morning and actually dance again!

Kim spoke passionately about the song collections that The Healing Consultant had put together for their subscribers on Spotify. In this track list, Varnar consciously put some of her favorite artists and tracks together, and it’s even more enjoyable after a morning or evening gummy from The Healing Consultant.

The fact that a radio host enjoyed the music Varnar had put together is HIGH praise (thank you!) – we understand the significance of setting the right tone for the day. As she eloquently puts it, it’s about getting “into a groove where life starts feeling better”, or simply sinking into a meditative state, where each breath becomes a reminder that “it’s okay”, even when things seem tough.

The Overwhelming Mornings We All Share

Kim and Varnar know that some mornings can be like a mountain to climb, an overwhelming challenge just to rise from the cozy embrace of the bed. They also both shared that using CBD as a natural ally has helped them feel more secure at night and move far from their busy thoughts.

CBD is a great complement to the soothing rhythms of music and meditation, and an effortless way to transform your mornings and evenings from “meh to “alright!”. Just watch Kim talk about all this with passion in our short video.

We hope that Kim’s words are an invitation for you to begin your day with music, mindfulness, and CBD. Join Kim and many of our other customers, and discover music, meditation, and CBD for yourself. Your mornings will thank you!

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Varnar helps women cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. She offers consultations and care packages to help her clients feel supported using natural coping tools.

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