How CBD Opened My Eyes & Why I Started The Healing Consultant

How CBD Opened My Eyes & Why I Started The Healing Consultant

How CBD Opened My Eyes -Varnar

Hi there! I’m Varnar Spencer, founder of The Healing Consultant and a nurse of over 25 years. If you’re new here, welcome to the community! 

I’ll be honest with you—before launching The Healing Consultant, I was skeptical of CBD (i.e., cannabidiol). I had a full, happy life as a wife, mother, and activist. And my career in Western medicine had stigmatized CBD products.

But when my youngest son was tragically taken from us, I felt as though my world had ended. Every breath and day felt labored, like my soul had left with him. hardly able to function, yet my racing mind prevented sleep. 

After several weeks or months ( time seemed to stop) My husband ( out of desperation) began giving me “vitamins”. After several days, I was able to start my therapy with my family. It was later my husband told me he had been giving CBD gummies, which was helping me face this new reality and pain. While antidepressants fogged my brain, CBD gave me the clarity and lightness necessary to begin my self-care journey.

This experience opened my eyes to the powerful CBD benefits, so I started embracing its therapeutic value. I began researching CBD’s effects and usage and received my certificate in medical cannabis and therapeutics used  to work with this natural alternative. My research made me better informed and disproved much of the societal misinformation I’d believed.

Now, I’ve created organic, high-quality products curated into unique self-care kits to help others like me live another day. Rather than letting your grief, trauma, stress, and pain overtake your life, you can learn to cope and move forward. To go from surviving to thriving.

If you’re new to CBD, you may have questions. I’m here to answer them and guide you! Discover common CBD myths and how it can support your mental health below.

Busting 3 CBD Myths

Many researching CBD for the first time are hesitant due to misunderstandings or misconceptions. If you’re wondering about any of these things, don’t worry—I was once in your shoes! Let’s put those concerns to rest.

Will I Get Addicted to CBD?

One of the first questions many ask is, “Is CBD addictive?” Studies show that pure CBD does not lead to addiction. Researchers believe that since it does not have intoxicating effects, you can reap the many CBD benefits without becoming dependent. 

So, why is this? A small 2016 study found that CBD doesn’t affect heart rate, blood pressure, or cognitive function like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Simply put, non-psychoactive = non-habit-forming. Early research even indicates that it could help with drug addiction recovery.

Will CBD Make Me High?

You can probably deduce that since CBD has no psychoactive effects, it will NOT make you high! This is the primary difference between CBD and THC. As the key ingredient in marijuana, THC delivers marijuana’s signature high. 

While CBD won’t get you high, it can improve your mood and mental state! Additionally, CBD will not cause a false positive drug test.

Will CBD Make Me Lazy and Lethargic?

Not necessarily! It depends on the type of CBD products you take and your dosage. It may surprise you that low doses of CBD can relieve severe pain, anxiety, and stress and lift that brain fog so you can take on the day.

You may still be wondering, “Will CBD make me tired?” It can if you’re using it to help you relax and sleep better. In that case, you’d opt for higher doses. CBD products intended to improve sleep often contain a small amount of THC to induce that calming effect, like our Delta-8 Sleepytime Gummies.

3 CBD Benefits to Improve Your Daily Life

What led to my belief in CBD is its positive effects on emotional stress and trauma. Like myself, you may have tried prescription drugs but disliked the heavy, fuzzy feeling they caused. Or maybe you’re on medications for other ailments and seeking a safe, natural alternative to ease your anxiety. Either way, CBD may  help.

Start & End Your Day with Less Anxiety

CBD can be particularly effective at reducing anxiety first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Most people have more cortisol, the “stress hormone,” during the first hour after waking. In the right amounts, this can help us stay alert and focused in the morning. But if we already go to bed feeling anxious, our cortisol levels can jump too early, jolting us awake with racing thoughts.

Plus, our minds often start the day evaluating our many to-dos for the day. Between that and lower blood sugar levels, it’s easy to wake up tightly wound. All this can fill you with dread, wanting to hide beneath the blankets. 

On the other hand, many experience skyrocketing anxiety at night. After all, we’re alone with our thoughts, with no other tasks to distract us. Trauma, PTSD, other mental and emotional conditions, and certain medications can lead to sleepless, anxiety-ridden nights.

No matter the cause, lack of sleep is a vicious cycle leading to even more anxiety and stress. Fortunately, CBD can help ease anxiety-related disorders and improve sleep. It also can reduce physical manifestations of stress and anxiety, such as tension, pain, headaches, and migraines. By supporting your emotional, mental, and physical health, CBD can lead to better days!

Stay Relaxed All Day

Did I mention CBD can also provide all-day anxiety relief? When taken throughout the day, it can help prevent those random pangs of anxiety and keep you cool, calm, and collected.

So, how does it work? According to research, CBD positively affects the brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the hormone that impacts our mood and emotional state. Balanced serotonin levels are essential to avoid heightened anxiety, especially in those with depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health conditions.

Other studies have found that CBD slows blood flow in certain parts of the brain, minimizing overall stress and anxiety.

How CBD Opened My Eyes - Varnar holding a cup
How CBD Opened My Eyes – Varnar holding a cup

Boost Your Focus & Nix Procrastination

With all this talk of anxiety, we can’t ignore that it can be a productivity killer. Often, we find ourselves procrastinating on things we dread. But we would feel that much better if we simply got them done!

CBD can help you be more productive and stop procrastinating on important tasks. You can remain focused throughout the day with a clear mind and a weight lifted off your shoulders while avoiding conventional sleep aids and their potential grogginess. CBD leaves you feeling energized yet relaxed and supports your endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in many bodily functions and healing during sleep.

Again, it’s all a cycle. CBD calms the mind and body and eases pain…

Which leads to quality sleep…

Which leads to a better mood and less anxiety…

Which leads to more accomplished, enjoyable days!

Let’s Build a Healing CBD Community Together

Are you just beginning your healing journey and want to learn how to incorporate CBD into your daily life? I want to connect with you, hear YOUR stories, and build a community to help each other! That is my job as a nurse—I live and breathe it in my day-to-day work and through The Healing Consultant.

If you’re tired of your emotional trauma, anxiety, pain, or physical pain preventing you from making the most of your everyday life and doing the things you love, try the 10-Day Trial CBD Box! As a member of my inner circle, you’ll test the morning and evening CBD subscription boxes with a 10-day supply of my:

  • CBD Breakfast Gummies: To help you wake up refreshed and free of brain fog
  • Delta-8 Sleepytime Gummies: For evening relaxation
  • CBD Evening Drink Drops: To soothe your mind and body for bedtime
  • CBD Relaxation Lavender Salve: To relax those topical aches and pains

Follow me on Instagram @thehealingconsultantcbd or Facebook. When you receive your products, share a post with a photo and your story, letting me know how they made you feel. Remember to tag me so we can continue spreading the word and helping more people to feel and live better.

Or, if you’re looking for more tailored guidance and products, book a CBD consultation with me today! We’ll have three deep-dive sessions, and I will create a custom trial box based on your needs.

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Varnar helps women cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. She offers consultations and care packages to help her clients feel supported using natural coping tools.

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