Healing Wednesday: Finding Morning and Evening Calm and Clarity Through CBD

Healing Wednesday: Finding Morning and Evening Calm and Clarity Through CBD

The Healing Consultant Healing Wednesday Finding Morning and Evening Calm and Clarity Through CBD

In this episode of Healing Wednesdays, TDS Radio host Miss Kim joined Varnar Spencer, the founder of The Healing Consultant to discuss the benefits of implementing CBD and Delta-8 products into her daily routines to alleviate stress, anxiety, and grief. It was great to hear Kim share her personal experience with The Healing Consultant’s products and how it helped her find a sense of calm and clarity.

Here is a short summary of what was discussed at the interview:

  • Kim opens the conversation by sharing her morning routine struggles, marked by stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming feeling of constantly chasing tasks.
  • Varnar emphasizes that many individuals face similar challenges, which can be exacerbated by personal tragedies, just like her very own experiences. Setting intentions and goals, especially during the mornings, can help create a positive start to the day,
  • Kim noticed a positive shift in her days with CBD and as a result, started to incorporate music and mindfulness to set a tone for the day. This intentional approach helped her mind from racing and actually acknowledge positive moments of the day.
  • Kim also shared her struggles with feelings of exhaustion and constant anxiety. Varnar explained that these emotions are not unique and many individuals battle similar feelings, especially during challenging times such as the post-COVID era.

Kim has been using our CBD and Delta-8 products, particularly the CBD Drink Drops and CBD Breakfast Gummies from The Healing Consultant’s 10-Day Trial Box. As mentioned by Varnar, the products are designed to help a person cope through rough periods in their day-to-day life.

Everyone’s morning and night routines are very unique to them, but it is also the most intimate time where one is likely to be alone. Preparation for the morning and night is a sacred time, and Varnar stresses the importance of prepping the mind and body for calm and rest.

That’s why Varnar offers highly personalized consultations to help individuals develop and find new ways to incorporate CBD products into their existing lifestyles. The consultation process involves discussions about goals, needs, and preferences to craft a tailored approach to healing from within.

To learn more and explore personalized CBD solutions, visit The Healing Consultant or reach out to Varnar via email here. Don’t miss the next episode of Healing Wednesdays in two weeks for more discussions about CBD.

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Varnar Spencer

Varnar helps women cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. She offers consultations and care packages to help her clients feel supported using natural coping tools.

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