Healing Wednesday: CBD as Your Little Cheat Code

Healing Wednesday: CBD as Your Little Cheat Code

Healing Wednesday CBD as Your Little Cheat Code

On another episode of Healing Wednesday, Varnar Spencer (the founder of The Healing Consultant), and Miss Kim, the host of TDS Radio, talk about how CBD has become an easygoing ally to their general wellbeing. Let’s see why the ladies talk about CBD as their little “cheat code”!


The heart of their conversation lies in the recognition that life leaves us with little time for extensive self-care rituals, like yoga or pilates. As Varnar says: “Girrrrl, I have no time for yoga!” So, the pressing question becomes: how can you prioritize your well-being without adding more to your already overflowing plate? If you can’t make time for relaxation exercises, then what’s the next best thing? CBD, of course!

From Kim and Varnar’s point of view, they share the belief that small changes make the most impact. Taking CBD gummies or the CBD Drink Drops is so much easier than time-intensive and energy-burning exercise – not to discount that exercise isn’t important, of course! However, they both advocate that making tiny adjustments can also have a big impact on your well-being, especially when you work long hours that can’t be dedicated to workouts.

CBD: Your Wellness Sidekick

Central to their discussion is the role of CBD. Often referred to as the “cheat code” to wellness, CBD offers a gentle yet profound nudge towards a more balanced life. It’s not a demand for an hour of meditation or yoga — it’s an invitation to embrace simple, daily self-care moments that are brief.

Varnar and Kim acknowledge that wellness isn’t about grand gestures (like committing to a diet change or expensive rounds at the gym) but the cumulative effects of everyday choices.

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