Elevate Your Self-Care Journey with Varnar Spencer’s Transformative Day and Night CBD Routine

Elevate Your Self-Care Journey with Varnar Spencer’s Transformative Day and Night CBD Routine

Elevate Your Self-Care Journey with Varnar Spencer's Transformative Day and Night CBD Routine

No matter where we look, everyone is talking about self-care. Self-care can mean anything, just like how we view success. It’s our definition and we have the tools to create whatever self-care means for us. For our founder, Varnar Spencer, self-care meant taking CBD gummies at a traumatic time of her life. When prescription drugs was causing her head to feel more heavy, CBD had the opposite effect, allowing her to feel awake, more focused, and lighter than ever before.

This has nothing to do with experiencing a “high” because CBD does not have THC that causes any sort of mind alteration. But CBD does make you feel relaxed and a little bit happier…at least, from Varnar’s perspective. And this is why Varnar created The Healing Consultant — so that she could provide help to people just like her in a safe space and offer to try something new as part of their self-care routine.

Over the years, Varnar has put together an easy-to-follow day and night routine to help boost your mornings, bring serenity to your nights, and offer some peace for anyone in between. Let’s take a look into some of the specialized CBD products Varnar has created to help you find more balance and relaxation in to your self-care routine.

Morning Bliss for a Radiant Day

Imagine waking up excited to start your day instead of pulling the covers over your eyes…. Varnar’s morning routine is that gateway to starting your day with vitality and a clear mind. You can begin by taking the CBD Drink Drops, which works harmoniously with your morning coffee (we love to recommended Blackology roasted whole bean coffee brand, which comes with your Wakey Wakey AM subscription) or even with just plain old water!

The morning CBD drops are flavorless and you can enjoy this coffee or drink to help lift brain fog and invite a light and free feeling to your heart. Complete your morning with a CBD Breakfast Gummy that kick-starts your day and bids adieu to any lingering aches and pains in your body and heart. For added rejuvenation, the CBD Roll-on provides quick relief.

Try out the Wakey Wakey, Eggs n Bakey AM Subscription Box.

Welcoming Restful Nights

If you find it difficult to find solace and tranquility at night, Varnar’s nighttime routine could be the pathway to deep and restful sleep. Prioritize your mind and body by preparing them for a night of calmness and serenity.

Enhance your Sleepytime tea experience by adding a few drops of CBD Drink Drops, creating a blend that gently eases you into relaxation. Complement this with Delta Sleepytime gummies for a restorative slumber. As the final touch, indulge in the CBD relaxation lavender salve to wind down and bid farewell to the day’s worries.

Try out the Nighty Night, Tuck you in Tight PM Subscription Box.

The Healing Consultant CONSULTS

Varnar’s AM and PM care packages isn’t just a collection of products — for many (including herself), these little pick-me-ups are a lifeline for those who are navigating through some difficult moments in their life. Her routine acknowledges the roles we play – from resilient wives to protective daughters, from anxious fathers to vigilant sons.

The Healing Consultant’s offerings are a testament to her commitment to providing holistic support for everyone, regardless of their journey. If you have any medical prescriptions or healthcare complications, we recommend booking a consultation with The Healing Consultant herself to look into custom CBD products that may work better for your circumstance.

Book your private consultation here.

Varnar’s thoughtfully crafted self-care routine is easy to implement, discreet, and does not require a prescription. In fact, by implementing CBD drops, gummies, roll-ons, and salves into your mornings and evenings, you’re giving yourself the gift of balance, vitality, and tranquility.

To unlock the full details of this life-changing routine, watch Varnar Spencer’s introductory video and try out the 10-Day Trial Box:

To your health!

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Varnar Spencer

Varnar helps women cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. She offers consultations and care packages to help her clients feel supported using natural coping tools.

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As the Healing Consultant, I’m here to help women like me cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. Find out more.

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