Coping with Unimaginable Loss with the help of CBD

Coping with Unimaginable Loss with the help of CBD

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Varnar reading - Coping with Unimaginable Loss with the help of CBD

It’s hard to imagine someone you love being gone from this world. But when it happens, it takes your breath away in the worst way possible.

When I lost my son Trae and then my husband, the very essence of coping seemed to elude me. Every day felt like an insurmountable struggle, and getting out of bed was a monumental task, sometimes it wasn’t even worth trying!

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have found my footing if it weren’t for CBD which may sound strange coming from a nurse. But this little wonder gummy became my source of strength, helping me clear my head, mend my heart, and face each new day with newfound courage.

If you’re curious about my journey through the darkness a few years ago and why CBD became an integral part of my healing process, check out this video.

Here is a summary of the story I share:

  • Unimaginable Tragedy Strikes: On June 19th, 2019, my seemingly perfect life shattered with the tragic loss of my son Trae.
  • The Struggle to Cope: Coping became an unfamiliar concept, and grief’s weight left me paralyzed in my daily life.
  • Discovering Unexpected Relief: I was introduced to CBD gummies by my husband, lovingly calling them “vitamins” which marked a turning point in my journey, offering a way to cope with overwhelming grief from losing our son.
  • Embracing CBD and Natural Healing: Despite initial reservations rooted in my Western medical background, my personal experience compelled me to explore CBD’s therapeutic value.
  • The Birth of the Healing Consultant: Fueled by newfound passion, I transformed into the Healing Consultant, dedicated to helping others find solace and healing from grief and trauma.
  • Introducing the 10-Day Trial Box: My approach materialized in the 10-Day Trial Box, a collection of natural healing products that have provided relief and support, not just for me but for countless others.

I hope that my journey from unbearable loss to becoming the Healing Consultant gives you some inspiration to try CBD as a natural coping tool for stress, anxiety, grief and trauma management. It helped me in my darkest moments, and I hope that it helps you too.

If you’re grappling with stress, pain, trauma, or the challenges of everyday life, consider exploring the 10-Day Trial Box where you can sample all of our signature CBD products. It might just offer you a path toward finding relief in your own healing journey.

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Varnar Spencer

Varnar helps women cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. She offers consultations and care packages to help her clients feel supported using natural coping tools.

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As the Healing Consultant, I’m here to help women like me cope with loss, trauma, stress and pain. Find out more.

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